Skin Cancer and Vitamin C

  Vitamin C Vitamin C When vitamin C comes into contact with a skin cancer or an external tumor (eg, basal cell carcinoma), it hardens the tumor and forms a crust, so that the crust falls in 2 weeks or more, depending on the Size of the tumor and how aggressive it is obtained with… Read More »

Ionized Water Treatment for Cancer

    CLASSIFICATION OF TREATMENT: This is a complementary treatment against cancer and Should not be used as a primary cancer treatment. This treatment is usually combined, and is part of, a complete protocol and is used to help stop the spread of cancer to give other treatments more time to work. Article on Natural… Read More »

Oleander (OPC) for AIDS

  Oleander (OPC) for AIDS   Tony Isaacs A couple of years ago, after spending countless hours researching alternative cancer treatments and remedies, I ended up writing an e-book titled “Natural Juniper Cancer” which, among other things, details the history of medical use of cancer. Plant oleander dating from 3,500 years ago to the ancient… Read More »

The cure rate for cancer in modern medicine – Cancer Tutor

  A cure rate of 90% (from a cancer researcher) compared to significantly lower cure rates (from thousands of cancer researchers). What’s wrong with this image? Dr. Kelley died in 2005 and detailed information about his cancer treatments has been around for over a decade. In fact, he wrote a book about his treatment. It’s… Read More »

A szerves kén / LIPH protokoll rákra

Participate | Log in / Div> Lugol’s Iodine- Voice of Eden Website E protokoll LIPH reszéről A LIPH a sikeressége alapján szerepel itt, amit több kutatási területen and a tényleges használatban mutatott. A LIPH-et kombináljuk arra szolgáló ismert módszerekkel, the hogy bejuttassuk a ráksejtek belsejébe, ahol meg tudja ölni a mikroorganizmusokat. The LIPH gyógyított meg… Read More »


Matthias Rath Cellular Solution – Alternative Cancer Treatments Participate | Log in / Div> Updated October 3, 2016 Of reading: 2 min Print 0 < / Div> < Because of the simplicity of this treatment plan, the four nutrients in the Rath Cellular Solution must be an added part of virtually any alternative cancer treatment… Read More »