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What to do today

This article is a protocol that you can start TODAY , and use it until the main treatments arrive. In most cases, you can combine the temporary protocol with the permanent protocol, but there are two rules: 1) Only ONE highly alkaline protocol per day (eg, Cellect, sodium bicarbonate, cesium chloride, calcium, etc. are very… Read More »

Poly MVA Cancer Treatment – Cancer Tutor

  The mineral complex of Lipoic Acid (the complex within Poly-MVA) is a redox molecule (the complex within Poly-MVA). Can accept electric charge and donate that charge, which makes it an extremely efficient energy transfer molecule) that facilitates the transfer of charge of energy in the Cell Level. It can safely and effectively protect cells… Read More »

Breast Cancer and Estrogen

  Determining the amount of estrogen a patient is producing, including exposure to environmental estrogens, both for humans and animals, has been recognized in the medical world as being of vital importance to health. In addition to identifying exposure to phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens, the medical profession believes that the main source of estrogen in women… Read More »

Ozone Cancer Treatments

  Ozone and are oxidizing and should not be combined with treatments that are used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Mainly antioxidants, such as the Dirt Cheap Protocol. Because it is much easier to combine many antioxidants together, the Dirt Cheap protocol is considered a much more potent cancer treatment than the use of… Read More »

Ionized Water Treatment for Cancer

    CLASSIFICATION OF TREATMENT: This is a complementary treatment against cancer and Should not be used as a primary cancer treatment. This treatment is usually combined, and is part of, a complete protocol and is used to help stop the spread of cancer to give other treatments more time to work. Article on Natural… Read More »