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A szerves kén / LIPH protokoll rákra

Participate | Log in / Div> Lugol’s Iodine- Voice of Eden Website E protokoll LIPH reszéről A LIPH a sikeressége alapján szerepel itt, amit több kutatási területen and a tényleges használatban mutatott. A LIPH-et kombináljuk arra szolgáló ismert módszerekkel, the hogy bejuttassuk a ráksejtek belsejébe, ahol meg tudja ölni a mikroorganizmusokat. The LIPH gyógyított meg… Read More »


Matthias Rath Cellular Solution – Alternative Cancer Treatments Participate | Log in / Div> Updated October 3, 2016 Of reading: 2 min Print 0 < / Div> < Because of the simplicity of this treatment plan, the four nutrients in the Rath Cellular Solution must be an added part of virtually any alternative cancer treatment… Read More »

The war between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine

Participate | Login About this free ebook This ebook is more technical and detailed than the Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatment eBook . For example, a randomly chosen number of Reader’s Digest is detailed and shows that the large number of pharmaceutical advertisements correlates with the large number of articles in the journal that glorify… Read More »

Cancer treatments you know nothing could save your life

Participate | Log in / Div> Updated December 27, 2016 . Hitler and Stalin: parallel lives , Alan Bullock Using the constant repetition of seeing doctors & # 82221; On television, people are conditioned (the uniform pattern of public broadcast) to believe that anyone who is not a medical doctor, must be a charlatan (aggressive… Read More »