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Noni Juice Natural Treatment

Cancer. For patients with advanced cancer, this treatment is considered a highly recommended complementary protocol. Noni juice provides essential nutrients to non-cancer cells and will probably kill many cancer cells. However, this website does not consider it strong enough to be a primary treatment for advanced cancer patients. Chapter on Qualified Treatments for Advanced Cancer… Read More »

The Benefits of Fighting Grape Cancer

Why do you emphasize the healing of the grape? First of all, most alternative cancer treatment websites sell products, and obviously they will emphasize and launch their products. Since no one benefits from mentioning the healing of the grape, few websites even mention it and there are very few testimonials on the internet for it… Read More »

Oleander (OPC) for AIDS

  Oleander (OPC) for AIDS   Tony Isaacs A couple of years ago, after spending countless hours researching alternative cancer treatments and remedies, I ended up writing an e-book titled “Natural Juniper Cancer” which, among other things, details the history of medical use of cancer. Plant oleander dating from 3,500 years ago to the ancient… Read More »