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Alternative Cancer Treatments Part 2 of the main page

Description of alternative cancer treatments Part 2 Of the main page     Webster Kehr, ICRF Our Founder, Webster Kehr, retired in 2015 and left behind a true legacy. For If you have not read the entire home page of this website, To read this page: Webstite Cancer Tutor Homepage More information about the media… Read More »

Death by doctorate | Confused and conflicting information

  PhD death Confusing and conflicting information   An anxious patient, with no time to separate the wheat from the chaff, is faced with having to make a series of calculations based solely on his own rather overwhelming search on the Internet and a kind of blind and hopeless faith that somehow, The well-qualified oncologist… Read More »

Poly MVA Cancer Treatment – Cancer Tutor

  The mineral complex of Lipoic Acid (the complex within Poly-MVA) is a redox molecule (the complex within Poly-MVA). Can accept electric charge and donate that charge, which makes it an extremely efficient energy transfer molecule) that facilitates the transfer of charge of energy in the Cell Level. It can safely and effectively protect cells… Read More »

Breast Cancer and Estrogen

  Determining the amount of estrogen a patient is producing, including exposure to environmental estrogens, both for humans and animals, has been recognized in the medical world as being of vital importance to health. In addition to identifying exposure to phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens, the medical profession believes that the main source of estrogen in women… Read More »

The Benefits of Fighting Grape Cancer

Why do you emphasize the healing of the grape? First of all, most alternative cancer treatment websites sell products, and obviously they will emphasize and launch their products. Since no one benefits from mentioning the healing of the grape, few websites even mention it and there are very few testimonials on the internet for it… Read More »

Ozone Cancer Treatments

  Ozone and are oxidizing and should not be combined with treatments that are used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Mainly antioxidants, such as the Dirt Cheap Protocol. Because it is much easier to combine many antioxidants together, the Dirt Cheap protocol is considered a much more potent cancer treatment than the use of… Read More »

The 100 percent natural cure for the common cold

  You probably already have a cold or your wouldn’t be looking for this article. I have used this treatment several times (before I learned how to prevent colds and the flu below) and I can tell you that it works if you start treatment early enough. So you can understand my comments below, you… Read More »